THE JUKEBOX - a long established icon and symbol of good times in American-made high fidelity music available to the masses for pocket change.

By the mid-fifties the older 78 RPM record playing juke boxes had been replaced by the 45 RPM models. The advent of the "45" pretty much coincided with the birth of Rock & Roll music!

As new Rock & Roll artists released new materials, the record companies realized the two sided single was the best way to introduce their materials to the music-starved teenagers across the country.

Companies like ROCKOLA, WURLITZER and SEEBURG cashed in on the music market with newer and sleeker models wherever people congregated. Company labels like PHILLIPS, SUN, CHESS, MOTOWN, CAPITOL and many others whirled for hours while the wondrous sounds of youth blasted away.

Many memories are kindled by the thoughts of a Jukebox and a special "45" being played on it. If you missed out on these good times and excellent music, we'll try to take you back, 'cause we are ...